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Our First Review from the Blogosphere

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I love the blogosphere. 24 hours after launch, and we already have someone reviewing us.

Check out the blog of Mark Sullivan, a consultant and MBA graduate from the University of Washington. Mark says:

How to pick a Presidential candidate

July 10th, 2007 There are 219 days till the Iowa caucus, which means it’s getting into prime political campaigning time. The question though is, how do I learn about the different candidates and find one to support? I guess you could watch the many different talking head programs to hear sound bytes on each candidate…. or you could read transcripts of speeches to learn about candidate views….

Instead of doing all that work, just go to This site will allow you to select the national issues that are most important to you. For each issue, you will then review a series of statements or opinions made by various candidates and determine which ones you agree with. The candidate identities for each statement is withheld to remove all artificial biases toward specific candidates. After determining the statements you agree with, the site then tells you which candidates you have most in common with.
The results may shock you…. even point you to a different political party…. but it provides a launching pad to learn about candidates you may have ignorantly overlooked.

I think if people use this site to really find out about candidate positions, it will educate voters to think for themselves and not just vote for who the media tells them to vote for. Try it and see if you truly agree with the candidate you intend to vote for.


Thanks for the plug, Mark.


Written by myelectionchoices

July 10, 2007 at 10:22 am

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